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Offer one Our Father, One Hail Mary, and one Glory Be for the sick of our parish family Robert Bruce McIntosh, Sam Patterson, Natalia Guhit, Rudy Guhit, Mary Flora, Mary Theresa Guevara, Silas Blaylock, Vivian Stoltz, Gloria De Leon, Patricia, Trevino, Olga Trevino, Elvera Skolaut, Maria Salazar, Gloria Bolick, Elizabeth Mehdi, Laura Garcia-Mehdi, Tom Cerha, Bill Tricksey, Bill Fiedler, Sam Patterson, Olga Faz, Mike Savoy, Jayce Savoy, Nic LeMaire, Kenzie Mechler, Patrick Garcia, Tito Calderon, Rudy Faz, Dee Hancock, Grace Heinze, George Huerta, Adrian and Erika Huerter, Bill Jennings, Garry Lydic, Robyn Marcum, Margie Morones, Tracy Oviedo, Alyson Victoria Oviedo, Linda Santos, Mary Sledden, Nancy Souhrada, Bertha Trevino, Roberto Trevino, Gabby Truly, Bishop Yanta, Anthony Trevino, Msgr. Lawrence Stuebben, Neva Goodpaster, Dan Calderon. (Prayer list is reserved for parishioners and their families and typically run for four weeks.)