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Sunday8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, Noon, 3:00 PM (Spanish), 6:00 PM

Holy Days of Obligation8:00 AM and 7:00 PM

Every first Monday of the month Healing Mass and Sacrament of the Sick

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Mass Intentions
Mass Intentions, Mar. 5 & 6, 2016 Print E-mail
Saturday, Mar. 5 5 P.M. Charlotte & Jacob Carian (D) by The Carian Family
Sunday, Mar. 6 8 A.M. Birthday Blessings for Jonas Xavier Wessel by Bea Peterson
  10 A.M. Jacob Chacon (D) by Family
  12 P.M. Special Intention for James & Henry Pawelek & Alois & Florence Olenick by Olenick Family
  3 P.M. Donald Hansen (D) & Dee Dee Hanson (D) by Mother & Family
  6 P.M. Lillie Mae Moos (D) by Serge & Darlene Belanger
    Robert Sheard (D) by Raquel Sheard
Monday, Mar. 7 8 A.M. Minerva Salazar (D) by St. Francis Skylarks
  6:30 P.M. Holy Hour
  7:30 P.M. Healing Mass: For the Sick of the Parish
Tuesday, Mar. 8 8 A.M. John F. Harris, Jr. (D) by Bea Peterson
    42nd Anniversary Blessings for Larry & Margaret Lucido by Lucido Family
Wednesday, Mar. 9 8 A.M. Billie Sievers (D) & Deacon Charlie King (D) by Serge & Darlene Belanger
    Yandel Yeary (D) by Gill Family
Thursday, Mar. 10 8 A.M. For the Parish
  8 P.M. St. Joseph Novena
Friday, Mar. 11 8 A.M. **** No Morning Mass ****
  5:30 P.M. Stations of the Cross (Spanish)
  7 P.M. Stations of the Cross (English)
  7:30 P.M. Ed Fischnar (D); Deacon Jesse Galvan (D); Mary Cerha (D); Baby Katherine Yount (D) by Serge & Darlene Belanger
Saturday, Mar. 12 5 P.M. Rogelio Gonzalez (D) by Joe Gonzalez Family
Sunday, Mar. 13 8 A.M. Alejandro Davila (D) by Family
  10 A.M. Margaret (D) & Albert Suarez (D); Allen J. Ponce (D) by Alma Ponce
  12 P.M. Birthday Blessings for Jason Luna by Family
  3 P.M. Felix Aguilar (D); Anthony Joseph Kaiser (D); Dick Sledden (D) by Serge & Darlene Belanger
    Ricardo Flores (D) by Myrna Lopez
  6 P.M. Rudy & Selia Garcia (D); Manual & Concepcion Espinoza (D) by Espinoza Family
Mass Intention Procedures Print E-mail

Important Changes to Mass Intention Procedures


Our parish has experienced tremendous growth since the completion of our permanent church building in 2004. We now number approximately 1800 families. This growth is a blessing that presents us with some unique challenges, especially in the area of Mass intentions. The demand for these has increased, but as is obvious, there are only a finite number of Masses that can be said during the 365 days in a year (366 in 2008). In fact, every Mass intention for 2008 has been filled.

The 2009 calendar is now open for Mass requests. To enable as more parishioners to partake of this beautiful, meaningful and important practice, the following guidelines are effective immediately for 2009 and beyond:

  • Mass intentions may be requested only by parishioners.
    • Exception: Non-parishioners may request Masses if they are offered up for the intention of a deceased parishioner.
  • A parish family may request up to four Sunday Masses per calendar year.
  • A parish family may request up to 10 other weekday Masses per calendar year.

To request a Mass intention call the parish office at 210-688-9033.